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Purchasing a monument is often the final step in saying good bye to a loved one who has passed. It can be construed as closure; but for some that final step and closure is put off because it’s just too hard to say good bye completely. It may be easier to shift the mindset to that of memorializing that person. Cemeteries are for the living, a place for remembrance and to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed; perhaps much too soon. Some may find solace in being able to personally design a monument that will best depict the life they once knew, keeping in mind the person’s interests, hobbies and perhaps even tattoos. We at Mercer Monument Works, take pride in our ability to guide you through this difficult time. Compassion and professionalism will put your heart at ease. Everyone has a story; let us help tell yours.

At Mercer, we have over 150 monuments, markers, slants, benches, and urns on display. We are able to take you step-by-step through the design process and help you create exactly what you envision to be your loved ones forever memorial and the work is completed right here on the premises.


It is also not uncommon to purchase and personalize your own monument to alleviate the decision making process for your family. You can imagine the uncertainty with trying to decide what it is you may have wanted. Life is fleeting and uncertain, but this could be one way to ease your families mind and ensure you will always be remembered the way you want. We at Mercer Monuments focus on just that.

We also specialize in monument sales, cemetery lettering, monument cleaning and monument repair/restoration.



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